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What's the last item/items you bought?

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In store, online, garage sale, ect.


I just got back from Walmart and spent like 18 dollars there on a Harley Quinn poster, a cute wooden fox thing, 2 sun catchers (tortoise and an owl), gum, cats with hipster glasses socks, a cute little panda stuffed animal and raspberry lemonade.

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A bowl of Sweet Potato Soup, a steak and cheese panini and a hot chocolate. The soup was the MVP of the meal, which was a pleasant thing as it wasn't actually my first choice, they were out of the Spicy Thai Chicken soup when I ordered and suggested alternatives. 


More permanent things, um, I can't say exactly. Target is closing in Canada and I know I've shopped around there some but I think we just bought a jar of curry sauce and some other grocery-like items. 

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Two of these are gifts, and two of these are meant to benefit Dashie and me.  My sea serpent deck keeps getting destroyed by Angelbabe's Six Samurai, so I ordered the Lightsworn deck.  In hopes that...  I won't be totally annihilated.  Quite so often. xD


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Well, this should be interesting.


Yesterday's Shopping list:

- Cadbury hot chocolate

- 1 pkt Marshmallows

- $20 iTunes gift card

- 1 Energy Drink


Seems to be pretty stereotypical for young people. Oh well. Can't really complain.

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I purchased tge services of a washer and dryer, to wash my bedsheets, towels, pillows, and floor mat.


Before that, I purchased a necklace offa Ebay. Gotta have dat bling! :grin2:

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The Funko Princess Luna Figure which I was dying to get for ages and I finally got it. Had a mini party with myself celebrating. It even has a little mark next to her eyes where if you look at it in the right lighting, it looks as if she is blushing.


I also got the metallic mane Rainbow Dash Funko figure as well and I love how its mane looks.


Pre-ordered the Shining Armor and Princess Cadance Funko figures too, waiting for those.

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