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Anyone else here afraid of mayonnaise?


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If there's something staaange in your neighborhood.... Yea.


Mayonnaise is really tasty as a simple and effective dressing to salads. But the "light" ones are just sugar. Sugar converts to fat. It is up to you to choose if you want sugar to fat, or fat. Mmmmm!


Mayonnaise is actually just a lot of yolks mixed with oil until it becomes that disgusting consistency that we all like so much :yuck:

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8 hours ago, Le Trotteur Sauvage said:

What the ? That's illarious ! Whoever made this thread alive again deserve a medal :laugh:

It was Spikey-Wikey, the world record holder of Metroid Zero Mission.

Mayonnaise is definitely top 10 on the danger list!

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I like mayo but it's gotta be in something, like tuna fish salad or, on a chicken sandwich from Wendy's, ya know? Lol. Otherwise I'm not really the biggest fan of it. 

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