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What 3 items would it take to summon you?

Hocus Pocus

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It's a mystery to me why I would be summoned, but when I am summoned, I'm usually game for what ever.



In order to summon The Funk, it would take:


1. an musical instrument (doesn't matter which one)


2. a jar of ink


3. an onion



When summoned, I open up with a 5 minute Disney esq musical number 

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Three items that can be associated with me? Hm...


Of course!



Tenor Saxophone



Or I could make it super hard and get instruments I don't own and probably never will be able to (because why would anyone summon me to begin with anyway? I'm pretty worthless. lol)




Baroque Oboe

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Well they would require the following:


1: A miniature wooden Question Mark soaked in fresh mead or ale. Preferably placed on a miniature throne.

2: The left eye of a feline, preferably big, and hole poked in the pupil which should be filled with ink. Eye must be placed in a hollow, perfect-sized hole in a small pedestal.

3: A black suit set, along with glove and cane. All hollow parts should be filled with red-colored foam.


And that's what it would take to summon me...



...unless you're willing to take the alternative.


1: Same black suit set, this time including a top hat.

2: A "crucifix" in the shape of a question mark. Should be colored red.

3: A bottle of ale.

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  • A Nintendo 3DS
  • Drawing equipment
  • A giant stuffed animal

And voila, you have summoned me. xP

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-At least 1 Medium PIzza; preferably something cheesy or meaty but absolutely no pineapples or olives, otherwise the ritual backfires horribly

-At least 2 liters or Dr. Pepper

-At least 20 dollars


Upon my summoning I will consume the presented items then vanish back to my world after taking the offered money. What? World hopping is both exhausting and expensive.

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At least four different kinds of hard spirits. Four because a prerequisite is that you have to be too smashed to count right, and figure adding one more than you think needs to be added is good enough to work.


And they'd summon me by accident after, in a drunken moment of clarity, thought it'd be a great idea to throw a bunch of things together and see what happened.

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I hav to say, I don't think I would want to be summoned, especially if it means dropping whatever I'm doing to go help these people from another dimension that I don't even know.

However, I might want to be summoned if I was provided:

1. A laptop 

2. A Marzipan Cake

3. The Ability to Grant Any Superpower

Unless all these things are provided, I'm not getting off my butt to help anyone.

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-A Terry's Chocolate Orange

-A IDW MLP Comic

-A piece of paper with a terribly drawn picture of Kolo Toure with a crown on

And they summoned me because they didn't know how to properly use a microwave for their Rustler's Burger

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Poof, I show up and it's PARTY TIIIIIIME! Just be careful, many do not recommend that you summon me, my methods are a bit unorthodox....

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