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How would you see your genderbendt self?


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I think I'd be myself, but female. That's about it.

I may be taught different mannerisms because the culture expects certain stereotypical behaviors for each gender.

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we'll i could see him as a lanky dude with a bit of a blondish mowhawk and is hardcore into 90's toons and eating a ton of junk food :'), But would probably be more into doing rather than analyzing ....maybe more motivated and worry free. 

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Probs be more free with emotions


the whole

"guys have to be hard, or be weak" thing


I hate it

End up venting at random people


apologies if I did to u 

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I don't imagine myself being any different other than the fact that I would not have a bust or the other female stuffs.

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Physically, they would be the total oppisite of my male self...so drop dead gorgeous, perfect complexion and a healthy diet.

mentally, i would be the same person except I would think being a tomboy is better than girly girl.

overall, i would be the same...just a bit more fragile....well...actually...one of my OC's, Delia, is like the genderbent version of me.

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I could also see my gender bent self as an artist, and perhaps a brony who was more publicly open about his love of the show. He'd also be tall like me, but perhaps maybe involved in an organized sport on campus. As a kid, I was highly encouraged by my dad to be active in sports, and I believe I'd be even more influenced to do so as a guy. I might be more likely to be persuaded into a different major by those around me. Maybe Business or Law.

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I would think that the female version of me would be much better looking with clearer skin and more manageable hair.  She would also be a better musician and artist, would be nerdy but cool, and would not be afraid of talking to other people and speaking her mind.


So basically the person that I wish I was except female.

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Probably a super out-going ditzy lil' asshole with an AWESOME taste in clothing/piercings... So pretty much the exact same as me, only out-going and with correct female anatomy!

We're narcissists aren't we..?


Heh, Team K for the win.

That's what we'll call ourselves, Team K. Ultragenetictechnicallythesameperson power-couple mode activate!


narcissism for days...

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I don' think I'd be all that different. I took a test once, about where I ranked between masculinity and femininity. Apparently I was pretty close to the middle. So I'd imagine that to be reflected. I'd probably still be into the same things, act the same way. I'm still an asocial cynic, regardless of my chromosomes. 

Heck, I'd probably look surprisingly similar. I've already been mistaken for a girl from behind. 


So me, hopefully cuter, with a less annoying voice, (and bewbz). 


Probably looking like this


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Oh, wow, well...let me think.


As a girl I would like dancing, socializing, and she'd hate math probably. I would probably be a bit more open and I'd have my group of friends I'd hang out with (other girls I suppose). I'd likely have interests in other areas, likely not MLP, but things like...I don't even know. Whatever girls like :P

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