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Turnabout storm TGS trailer [help wanted]

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Well, while I am still working on my Tatsunoko vs Capcom intro with ponies, it got me thinking about what to do after it's finished. figured why not do another video game intro replacement thingamabobber. Anyway, because of the fact that TvC is obviously made by Capcom, I figured why not do another Capcom thing, and then my mind instantly screamed "GOOD GOD CHRISTIAN THERE IS THAT PWAAMLPFIM YOUTUBE CHANNEL THAT HAS VOICES AND STUFF GO DO THE APOLLO JUSTICE TGS TRAILER WITH IT NOW"


Yeah, if you haven't checked it out already, there is a channel dedicated to this actually nicely done Phoenix Wright and pony crossover. I personally have a few issues with it, but they are all very minor and overall I'm just shocked at how they somehow managed to make a storyline with Ace Attorney and ponies that actually works and retains a bit of seriousness. Anyhoo, if you haven't checked it already you can see part one right here



Now comes the next part of this. If you haven't seen the Apollo Justice TGS trailer you can find it here.


This actually a fan dub of it, however it contains the two things that I want. In the original Japanese trailer, there were voices but there was no text in the background. In the English version, there are no voices but there is text in the background that would have been what the characters are saying. Anyway, this dub does both of them and that is why I am using it as the example.



To continue, basically what I was going to do was replace the paintings, text, characters and voices with things that relate to the Turnabout Storm videos. However, why not have this be a little more of a collaboration? I can draw stuff and paint fairly well, but video is more of my art than anything else, and there are a lot of things in the trailer that need to be hand drawn/edited. So here's where I think I will need some help.


1. I need an artist who would be willing to make some pictures that relate to G1, G2, G3, and G4 of the my little pony cartoons and it would be awesome if you could do it in the style that the cartoons had. This is going to replace the paintings on the wall in the beginning. It would also be really awesome if you could have reoccurring characters in them, but I've only seen the first bit of the My Little Pony movie and have no clue whether or not any of the characters in the new cartoon are even in the old one (besides Spike, of course)


2. There are tons of little icons and things that flash with the characters during the video. Trucy's magic card deck is an example, the guitar that goes with Klavier is another example. While I guess we could technically just leave the little symbols there, would a guitar really go well with Trixie?


On that same subject, I should come out and say which characters are going to replace whom in the video. It's not final yet, mainly because not all the characters have been revealed yet, but the next video is investigation scene 2 and in all of the games all of the characters are revealed so I guess by the time the next video comes out we shall have more to list. Anyway, here's the list so far.


Apollo - Phoenix

Trucy - Twilight

Kristoph - undecided

Klavier - Trixie

Phoenix - Rainbow Dash

Ema- undecided


If you've ever played the game and have watched the videos, you probably will know exactly why I put the characters where they are. If you haven't played the game and or watched the Turnabout Storm videos, here's why I put them where they are. It's an extremely minor spoiler, but in case somepony gets mad I'll just spoiler it anyway.


Apollo is the main character in the game, and likewise Phoenix is the main character in the videos. Trucy was the assistant in the game, and you know Twilight is the assistant in the videos. Klavier was the prosecutor, Trixie is the prosecutor in the videos and Phoenix was the defendant in the game, while Rainbow Dash is the defendant in the videos.



I'm sure that more issues will pop up as this gets made, but hey before we all start I think it would be cool if we wait for the next video to come up because I'm sure that the rest of the characters will be revealed and then we can really decide about what characters get to be in the paintings and what characters get to be in the, I don't know how to say it, main video.


So, uh, yeah if you want to help out just tell me in this thread. I know I said I was still working on another project but I might just drop for the time being because it just takes a lot of time and this is just cooler in general.

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