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music What's your theme song?


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Mah theme song.

INSERT AWESOME 30STM SONG (sorry, 2 is media limit...)


I love 30STM.

Try walking to this, you can't help but to swagger.





And this should be half of the forum's theme song after last week's status fiaso...




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We all like music, do we not? And i'm sure the majority of us have a particular song that we feels describes us, or feels like it was even written for us.

So i though; "why not make a fun thread about it?".

So, in this thread, if you have a song that you feel; describes you, fits you well, or was even written for you, post it here, and call it your "Theme song"


Mine would have to be this (warning, contains some foul language and metal, not meant for big baby men):



What about you?


Love me some Slipknow in the evening! rock on fellow maggot m/


Saffrons Curse- Cradle of filth





depends on my mood.

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Describes me best?


Probably something a bit depressing like this:




It fits me too well.


Although, I'd rather go with something more...upbeat. And classical. And with a woodwind (because that's me. =P)



I'd prefer something more Impressionistic, but I guess I haven't found that yet.

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