S05:E03 - Castle Sweet Castle

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"You need me, Billy Mays, to clean the stains from out of the castle!"



(a few moments later)


:lol: awww thats a sweet pic.

as for the eppie. twilight needs to lay herself off and let her friends help her. even when she's 1000% tired D:

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Twilight's castle is beautiful...I honestly expected Mane 6 to move in with Twilight so she wouldn't be lonely...But they made a beautiful chandelier with the roots of Twilight's previous home. Brilliant!

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Love this bit:


"The surprise is I lost the measuring spoon in the batter. Somepony's going to get a very special pancake!!"





Rarity's expression is priceless :lol:




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eehh, it was an ok episode.


if it was season 1 and they had to decorate twilights library then it weill be understendeable the plot of just everypony bringing their tastes and forgeting twilight's ones. but at season 5 it doesnt makes sense. 


i like that bulk biceps works at the spa. hes so cute  :love:


about the castle, i find it super ugly. i wish it had a non-crystal concept and were a classic castle. feels super cold and heartless even decorated. also i feel theres not enought light. its depressing.


I though for long than the rainbow power chest could reformed to its original state the two princesses castle and make twilight live there. in S4 they spend time there kinda reforming and reading. but then twilight would live outside ponyville and relative far from their friends. so i get why they didnt make her to live there. but they could make princesses castle to magically move at ponyville  :love:

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I though this was a great emotional episode and a good first regular Episode this Season^^Not sure what else to say.

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Posted (edited)

I'm glad they tried to cover this subject matter, but I do think this is too mundane, and doesn't dig all that deep into Twilight's insecurities. This season had a frustrating tendency to try having it both ways: she's okay being a princess, but she constantly behaves like she's uncomfortable in the role. Here, that manifests in something cute but way too low-key for its own good. It feels like they were trying to address the elephant in the room and just didn't have a story to tell about it. I think it's kinda boring - it just doesn't do a good job of building a story off of its core premise, and the struggles of Twilight's friends are not remotely interesting to me. Their squabbling is especially petty, and I don't feel it resonates with the apparent moral at all, which is about, uh, home decorating advice. Hey, did you know that memories are more important than material things? Even this show has already covered that territory. I just find this threadbare. 

Entertainment: 6/10
Characters: 7/10
Themes: 6/10
Story: 3/10
Overall: 55/100

Edited by AlexanderThrond

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