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Gaming Post your D&d character!

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So i want to know your D&d character. Doesn't matter what edition, or if its homebrew (Class: Earth Pony  :smug: ). I don't care what format you have, or if you do or do not list your stats. Do whatever!


I'm a pretty big noob at the game, i have only played twice with my little group of equally nooby friends, but here is mine -


Name : Zook Zook Zook Zook Zook (You can call me Zook thought(Gnomes have lots of names, but he can only remember one. So he just repeats it :muffins: ))
Race : Rock Gnome

Class : Druid

Alignment : He is Chaotic Good, and Insane :D

Backstory : When Zook was around 200, He was a young adventurer, puzzler and scholar. But when he was searching through the tombs of... um... somewhere, he found a stone of youth, causing his aging to slow down, and stop right before when he would have died, at 450 years old. He is now 7,000 years old, and batshit crazy. He is rather gullible sometimes, and does whatever he can to help people, whether they are good or bad (Not that he could tell). He sometimes suddenly breaks into sanity, but he just acts cool about it. For the last few thousand years he has been something of a... a town pet i guess? Everyone in Neverwinter(I guess) knows him, and most of them let him into their house to eat and sleep.

Background: Urchin

Appearance: (I suck too bad at drawing(And grammar apparently)) He looks ancient, but has a springy lively stature that is probably preserved by the stone. He has a shortish squarey(REAL WORD) beard shaped like \ - /, wears like a little leather pilots cap without the glasses, and wears whatever he finds, especially if they have pockets. He also carries around tools a lot.


He has dexterity of 14, and an intelligence and wisdom of 16. His strength and constitution are 11, but his charisma is 6 :please:

I kinda intended him to be the puzzle-master, able to move around easily and... well... solve puzzles! I thought it would just be hilarious to have the party search the place, and little crazy me just to walk in, look over, and hit a hidden button.(Pinkiepie Style  :pinkie: ) I made him a druid because that class is very flexible and there are animals i could turn into (such as a cat, or a frog) that would improve my sneak/dexterity and my perception.







I'm running with a party that is a Racist Charlatan Neutral Rogue Elf, Good Outlander Ranger Half-Elf, and a Lawful Neutral Soldier Fighter Blue Dragonborn.


When you think about it our elf should not get along with any of us, Her being racist to our Half-Elf, stealing things around our awful Dragonborn, And she is probably going to scam my character sometime. :(




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