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Movies/TV If Star Wars were ponies who would be whom?

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So if George Lucas was a pony and had the equestria ponies as a cast who would play whom?


For this purpose ignore gender.


I'd say Twilight as Luke

Celestia as obi wan

Rainbow Dash as Han solo

Flutershy as Chewbacca


What do you think?

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I see Celestia more so as Yoda while Luna is any member of the council really.


If we are going on based by the last three episodes, I would agree and Rarity would totally be Lea (or however you spell her nam.)

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Celestia as Obi Wan Kenobi

Twilight Sparkle as Luke Skywalker

Rainbow Dash as Han Solo

Pinkie Pie as Chewbacca (because making random funny noises sounds like something Pinkie would find hilarious.)

Applejack as Princess Leia (Yes, really. Both are tough as nails but know how to conduct themselves.)

Rarity and Fluttershy as C-3PO and R2-D2, respectively.

Tirek as the Emperor

Discord as Darth Vader


(I was tempted to put Luna as Darth Vader, since she's basically lived that scenario, but, meh, Discord would be amusing.)

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Oh an update:


Luna as Boba Fett

Discord as Jabba the hut

Daring Do as Han Solo (The parallels are just too perfect)

Zacora as Lando

and Rarity as Lea

Also Scootaloo as young Anakin

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Huh. This will be fun.




Han Solo=Rainbow Dash




Lando Calrissian=Applejack



Anakin/Darth Vader=Luna/Nightmare Moon

Yoda=Starswirl the Bearded (both of them are exceptionally gifted and have this goofy charm). I could also see Zecora.

Palpatine/The Emperor=Tirek (both go from conniving and manipulative to downright mad with power)


Jabba=Diamond Dogs

Boba Fett=Trixie


Jar Jar Binks=Snips and Snails combined in one

Admiral Ackbar=Derpy  :derp: (It's a trap! I just don't know what went wrong!)

General Grievous=Starlight Glimmer


And of course,

Q=Discord (haha)  ;)

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The show already did a Star Wars reference at the end of S2E2. I'd have to watch it again to sort out exactly who is supposed to be who but I do remember that Applejack was Han Solo, Twilight was Luke and Celestia was Princess Leia.

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