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Story Sketches [OC Ponies]

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Chapel slid to a stop, breath coming out in loud huffs as she tried
to get her heartbeat back under control. Beside her Forge was still
tense. His legs quivering from the run and his breath coming out in a
puff from his snout. The air was starting to chill, she thought suddenly,
though it didn't seem really important at the moment. After a couple deep
breaths she found her voice again.

"What in the world was that thing? I have never seen anything like it."

Forge shook his head, thick mane flopping over his face as he did.
"I don't even have a guess. But whatever it was, it is old and strong."

His gaze traveled back up to the rocky hills that had just crossed, ears swiveling.
"And I doubt it meant to bring us along in the first place."


Chapel gave a quick nod, the blinding light and sudden jerk of reality
that brought them to the crest had been sudden and unpleasant.
The creature, half hidden in shadow and furious, had been even more unpleasant.

"Common, we should get out of here before it comes looking. We need to
find out about that crest and the pass. I have a feeling this monster isn't going to
be leaving anytime soon."

She headed off into the trees at a brisk trot, Forge following at her side. No one had

been beyond the crest in centuries, maybe there was a very good reason why.


I have no clue why I keep writing little story blurbs XD I never write these things down
anywhere so I probably just confuse people. Anyway, Forge is my lad and Chapel belongs
to a friend. Both of them are from a village of what I call, Wild Ponies, just a sub race of Earth Ponies
I guess you could say. They tend to live further out in the wilds and often have thicker hair and
fetlocks are the norm due to harsh winters and rocky lands.


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Also finished this picture from awhile back.


"Oh, you haven't told her have you? She doesn't know who you really are. Doesn't know
that you started this war a thousand years ago and you will start a new one for this age."

The voice dripped in Trickster's ear like venom as the spirit draped herself about his shoulders.

"She thinks you are a good person, someone trapped in an evil spell. But we know better. All
this is your fault, a coward and a thief. You traded your past life, who you were, to me. You gave
up everything to save your own skin from that dragon queen, and now your life belongs to me."

She smiled as his ears pinned back, eyes narrowed down at her. But he could not deny the truth.

"Your loyalty is to me, and once you start this war I will have the power to give myself an immortal
form. You will lead that little princess to the old city, and I know you would not try to double cross
me. For all you are just a thief and a liar, you are no fool my Trickster."

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Splits of stories plus great art? Good job! I love when a bit of context is added to the pictures.

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Like Shadow Beam said, it's really cool how you combined short bits of stories with your drawings, which btw, look incredibly good. Keep it up!

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