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I once used my nose on a graphics tablet. It actually came out quite nice.

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She looks like she's wearing a Jewish kippah.

XD she kinda does! I guess applejack has always been jewish but she wants to keep it a secret :ph34r:

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better than i thought, how in celestias name did you pull that off?

Equal parts determination and foolishness. xD  I admit: I wrapped a paper towel around the end of the sharpie to prevent slipping before I clenched it between my teeth.  My secret is out.

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Cool idea! I'll post my shot at it once I have some time alone, that would be awkward for my mom to walk in on me drawing with a pencil clenched between my teeth XD

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Ok! Here's mine:


That went surprisingly better than expected. My text is wayyyyy off though :P

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