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Party ideas for my friends party?

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What should I do to throw her the best mlp party!!!! She is a mlp fan like me. So far I got R.D balloons and rainbow streamers. Any good songs to play at that party? Name things I can add to make this party better. 

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Good music? My MP3 always has full blast party music at the click of a button.

Some good ones I know:


Alex S. - Party With Pinkie (VIP)

Alex S. - Ultimate Sweetie Belle

Alex S. - Trixie the Pony Troll

The Living Tombstone - Gypsy Bard Remix

The Living Tombstone - Discord Remix


And if you're going to stray away from the pony theme for a few songs:


Pegboard Nerds - Self Destruct

Coyote Kisses - Acid Wolfpack

Volant - Minty

Thefatrat - Windfall

Coyote Kisses - Sunny Day

OMFG - I Love You

OMFG - Hello


Just my suggestions! ^_^

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I like Sim Gretina's mixes of MLP songs, if you don't listen to him already. Particularly his remix of "Make A Wish" and "A True, True Friend" are some cool ones.


As far as other things for the party goes- cupcakes. There needs to be obscene amounts of cupcakes, and apple sweets. Ohh! Singing circle! Those are fun too. c:

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From a man who considers himself a living party pony:
1. You need just a load of Balloons like more than just RD ones like any color, shape, or size :3 should do, and then have them fill the room :D.
2. You should find/bake rainbow cupcakes (thats always fun)
3.Make sure you have a wide variety of food so everypony is happy.
4.Got a mic? like to sing? a good Pony themed party has an important aspect from the show, and that my dear is Singing. So I suggest to download a game called: My Little Karaoke :3 it's totally free. and it has over 400 or so pony songs. oh and what makes it better it's actually 6 player co-op, and they have recently added duet songs.
5.Sometimes at parties it's fun to find really good/funny Fan Fiction's and read them with a group of people, like act out the characters.
6. Make sure you have as much Sugar and Caffeine as your little pony hearts can handle lol because I always feel a party goes all night. :3

and from a pro-tip from the selfie side of things and an important party lesson my little pony: Remember take the memories are forever with you :3. <3

anyways that's all I can really think of well I guess you can either get a load of pizza orrrr go to like BK and get like...idk 300 or so chicken nuggets (Seriously this is what I did at my last pony themed party)

anyyyyywaysss good luck :D
and may the ever living party spirit of Pinkie Pie watch over you...and your party.

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