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Jump Cut


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Hey! if you are on the computer for most of the day, an introvert or someone that wants to make new or long lasting friends who love ponies, then you have come to the right place! and we want you to join our Skype group!


This skype group is looking for new members to join its ranks! We are a bunch of 3-5 fun, friendly and active friends who talk everyday and are from different parts of the globe!


we are preferably looking for members who are very or constantly active.

this is because we want to make more good, close and long lasting friends!


If you wish to join. please message me at: metalman653 or Jump Cut

or you can message Erik H.//WhiteLightning or Zizkil El Cabron to join and or ask for more info


We really want you to join and are looking forward to meeting you! ^_^ 



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@@Jump Cut


As this thread has little potential for actual discussion I'll be locking it. A topic like this is better suited for a blog or status update.


Also, you can use the Skype Master Thread for sharing contact details.


Thanks. :)

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