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General What WILL you be doing ten minutes IN THE FUTURE?!

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Probably finishing my math homework.    ...If I don't procrastinate

Yes, I ripped off Star Butterfly's topic because I did.   What do you expect to be doing ten minutes from now?  Here's the best part: You can return to this topic and tell us whether or not your pre

I probably will still be on the forums.

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I'm probably going to be taking a shower to wash the stress of the day off, and be squeaky clean


And after that, I'll probably be going straight to bed as I have to get up at stupid hours of the morning (2:30am) so I can get to work...

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Scrolling through the forums i think! I will be back to tell you all if my psychic powers were right in 10 minutes XD


Edit: i was right! tell the people of my psychic powers!

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it's my lunch break so 10 minutes from now, I expect to be eating and playing Five Nights at F***boy's, which I'm kinda addicted to atm (if you haven't heard of that... I promise it is not what it sounds like, although super awkward title for explaining :lol: )

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I will be sitting in class, not paying attention. Probably still on the forums.


Edit: wait, today is Friday? I did not know this. Holy shit, yeah buddy!

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