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Which of the mane six do you think is cutest?


Which of the mane six do you think is cutest?  

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  1. 1. Same as title:

    • Twilight Sparkle
    • Rarity
    • Fluttershy
    • Rainbow Dash
    • Applejack
    • Pinkie Pie

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How is Twilight not winning? she is most definitely the cutest.

because a lot of people find fluttershy more cuter, with her personality and stuff.

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Fluttershy. She is by far the cutest and I find her color palette to be much smoother than that of the rest of the mane 6 and I like her mane style the best as well.

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Normally I'd just say all of them but  this time I'll say Pinkie Pie  I always  find  that bubbly  hyper-active personality in characters to be soooo cute :wub:   ugh... it's one of my weaknesses, not to mention right from the first episode I laughed so hard watching her,

 though Fluttershy comes in a close second for me, her really quiet "Yay" got to me lol.


I guess my answer may change though since I am just finishing season 1 so who knows.

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RD is my favorite, but for sheer cuteness, it's a close race between Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie for me (complete opposites, right? haha). I think I'll go with Pinkie Pie because her antics are adorable, regardless of how insane she can be!

This gets me every time!




Rainbow dashe's laugh kills me. It's an overdose. Like really. The laugh is so freaking adorable.

You mean THIS laugh? I LOVE it too!


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Well Rarity is my fav as you see tehe and I find her VERY cute but to be fair here from popular belief and as behavior in general I think Fluttershy is considered the cutest

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Y'know, they all really have had their moments of ZOMG ADORABRU DIABEETUS, but I'd be lying if I said anypony other Dashie has consistently stolen (or 'sploded) my heart.
























Enjoy your Dashabeetus, FOOLS! >:3

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definitely Twilight, i just love how adorkable she is! the ways her eyes seem to shine when she gets excited and that smile!

not to mention the most adorable blush! "look before you sleep" is definitely twi at her most adorable/adorkable! :)


thanks to (in order)

Aymint, heileigh-d 47, frankier 77, and hazel schnuffington for their amazing fanart and vectors! :D





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  • 7 years later...

I like to challenge myself, so I'm doing a little ranking. It's just for fun, I love them all and they are all cute! :) I will also add one cute GIF for each of them as a little bonus. :wub:

6. Rainbow Dash - She simply doesn't act in a way that I find cute most of the time. She's just too cool. :squee:



That blush! :wub:

5. Rarity - It's similar to Rainbow Dash, just that she's all about beauty and perfection. And she knows how to go drama. :rarity:



Good night, Rarity~ :wub:

4. Fluttershy - She's very sweet and a pure treasure. But when it comes to cuteness, she's also not doing much for me. :coco:



Look at her go! :wub:

3. Applejack - This powerhouse of a pony is a natural cutie! :mlp_yeehaa:



She is always happy to receive a compliment! :wub:

2. Twilight Sparkle - Okay, now it's obvious who is number 1 (Spike). But let's continue. :ticking: Twilight is suuuper passionate about what she loves! And this makes her incredibly cute! She is always excited when she learns something new! But she can also be shy and she will blush you to death! Her smile is so cute! She has some of the most unqiue expressions in the show! There is so much to say about her! :wub:



Another book as present? No way! Here comes the cutest retreat! :wub:

1. Pinkie Pie - Oh boy! Ooooh boy! :ticking: This mare? This mare is crazy full of cuteness!!! I can look up pictures of her and they are all cute! Cuteness overload!!! :wub: To me, she is the most sincere character and true to her emotions. Experiencing her feels so real. She's full of joy! The meaning of life! True cuteness comes from the heart and she is THE heart pony! :wub: I hope you understand what I'm saying, I can't even-- :wub:



Cutest pony always brings a smile to my face! :wub: And the bills~


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You can't beat those nerdy qualities of Twilight. <3

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