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Ask Pinkie Pie!

Sazama Ichida

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Aw that was easy! She always listens to me every time I tell her something is gonna be fun! Didn't you see how happy she was?



I see, was she taking a break from her Rock Research Trip and did Discord make the gala more fun?

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"i betcha i can eat more cupcakes than you." 

                                                         ~Caliber, the Wanderer

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Hey, Pinkie do you wanna hear a secret? My character organized a party. But what kind of party do you ask? Ok, I will tell you: He organized a party for 1000 ponies, in ponyville, at day. But what music he used? Ok, he played Shakira, tailor swift, and other summer hits. I forgot to tell that he used party cannons. And you wanna know what he put inside party cannons? Confetti, Juices of all fruits that exist and yes sweets. ah yes he also used the most expensive fireworks that existed   

here my character 

myPony 24.png

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During the MLP Movie, I couldn't stop myself from getting knocked out by your cuteness. Also, WHAT IN CELESTIA'S NAME happened to you when you assaulted that guard with all those cupcakes like a gatling gun? You looked like you were enjoying the way he was getting beat down.

Would you like me to hug and nuzzle you to make you feel even happier?

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On 2015-04-29 at 12:32 PM, Asbel Lhant said:

Hello everypony! Come on ask me anything! I'm so happy to meet all of you! Strangers are just friends you haven't met!

Pinkie Pie, how do you feel about Patrick Star? If you haven’t heard about him, trust me, you will love him. I also made fanart of you 2.


Don’t ask me why I did it. I just think you 2 are cute together.

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Pinkie, here's a question for Ponyville's cutest party pony (that's you.) Would you rather have... a chocolate fudge pie, a brownie cake... or BOTH?

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