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Back when Jesse Wood was Drowning in Horsehsoes, that there was legitimate pony entertainment.


Also, pretty much the whole Horseshoe Crew when they were all still doing pony stuff in 2014. I still keep up with TBBBAP when new episodes come out.


Non-pony, I guess I really enjoy IHateEverything, CinemaSins, YourMovieSucks, and RedLetterMedia.

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Top Posters In This Topic

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*starts gushing about Housepets*   I... couldn't... resist...   Top 10, actually.   1. MrEnter 2. Game Theory 3. AdamKoralik 4. brutalmoose 5. Scykoh 6. LittleshyFIM 7. Game Historian 8.

-JonTron -joshscorcher -MrSuicideSheep -PeanutButterGamer -SuicideSheeep  

*dances in glee*   Possibly my 2nd fav. Let's make a Top 5!   1. MrEnter 2. Game Theory 3. AdamKoralik 4. brutalmoose 5. Scykoh




Kali Muscle

Bold & Determined

Angry Joe

GreenHamGaming TV


I Hate Everything

Alternate History Hub





Jim Sterling

Accursed Farms

H3H3 Productions

Cheshire Cat Studios


John Doe Bodybuilding

The Hoax Hotel

Lazy Game Reviews

Petty Pranks


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YouTube is my life, along with Tumblr, so I have a lot.





-The Creatures Hub (and all their individual channels)

-JustKiddingFilms (and all their individual and other channels)



-8-Bit Gaming




-Alonzo Lerone 







-Caleb Hyles

-Any Creepypasta channel

-Amazing Atheist


-Elise Lovelock

-Achievement Hunter


-Lindsey Stirling


-Sayonara Maxwell



-Mr Enter



See what I mean?

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My favorite is boogie2988.  You'd be hard pressed to find a more positive individual, although his alter ego Francis is the complete opposite of that description.  Definitely check him out!




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A Fox in Space. :) There is really nothing to complain about him. He has a nice voice that's very enjoyable to listen to. A great sense of humor too. And he is an incredibly hard-working person. Definitely my number 1. :kindness:

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