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Create Your Own Elements of Harmony!


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My MLP OC, Notturna Cadencia Lunaire's Element of Harmony is: Jubilance. {Laughter, and Generosity combined} The color of Jubilance is Magenta, and its shape is a diamond-shaped balloon.

My other MLP OC, Neon Lightning's Element of Harmony is: Justice. {Loyalty, and Honesty combined} The color of Justice is Neon Green, and its shape is an apple with a lightning bolt-shaped leaf.

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I have a few. 









And at the climax of the story, the Big Bad shatters these elements to claim victory!   But it turns out that the virtues they represent aren’t tangibles that can be physically destroyed.  This allows the good guys to come back and win.

Aw nuts, I just ripped off Digimon. :P


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