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Caramel Chocolate

Open Dawning Dusk

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When Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk are defeated by Twilight Sparkle and the human counterparts of the rest of the Mane Six, they are forced to live a new life as normal teenage girls. Will they grow accustomed to their lives, or will they become determined to find a new source of magic? Will the three learn more about friendship, or turn on one another? Only time will tell.


(...I call Sonata!)




1. No killing. This is a Rainbow Rocks roleplay. Nobody has killed anybody. Don't severely injure anyone, either. A slap, or accidental hit is okay, but nothing more than that.


2. Don't godmod. Nobody there is all-powerful, especially in the human world. Nobody is immortal.


3. Don't control others. People like to be their own characters, thank you.


4. No swearing. Look at the rating of the show!


5. No blood/gore. Again, TV/Y7!


6. No bullying outside of roleplay.


7. No talking, multicolored horses/ponies in the HUMAN world. No magic, either. For this roleplay, it's all human, and Twilight from Ponyville doesn't show up.


8. If the character you're playing as gets better at something, OH. MY. GOD. PRACTICE. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. NO. FRICKING. MARY. SUES.


9. One character per roleplayer. Don't make extra accounts.


10. Follow the basic rules of MLPForums.


11. And, please, for Celestia's sake, at least TRY to use proper grammar! (This rule does not get you kicked out, it will jus get your post edited if there is bad grammar.)


Breaking one or more of these rules (except for number 11) once will get you a warning. Same goes for twice. A third time and any new posts you make will be deleted for a day. Four times, you're banned from the roleplay.


You can roleplay as any of the characters listed below:


Adagio Dazzle

Aria Blaze

Trixie Lulamoon

Derpy Hooves

Bon Bon

Lyra Heartstrings

Octavia Melody

Vinyl Scratch


Sweetie Belle


Granny Smith

Big Macintosh



Rainbow Dash

Pinkie Pie

Maud Pie


Sunset Shimmer

Doctor Whooves

Mr. Cake

Mrs. Cake


Principal Celestia

Vice Principal Luna

Babs Seed

Diamond Tiara

Silver Spoon



Flash Sentry

Or whatever other canon character you can come up with.


And since I'm not evil, you can also have an OC!


How to play as a canon character:


1. Go here:


2. Do what it says.


Same goes for the OC.

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