Fluttershy the kind

[Ponyville] Fluttershy's picnic.

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Fluttershy sat on the plaid blanket infront of her hooves her wooden basket sat. Carrying all sorts of food for her animals and especially you, her friend.

"I am so glad you can make it, Angel was wondering where you were." Fluttershy said in a soft spoken voice directed at you. The baske tipped over as a white rabbit opened the lid and climbed out the basket with a rather large,fat carrot in his mouth. The animals began to scurry away when they all got they're food, leaving you and Fluttershy to talk.


Fluttershy looked at you, the conversation is going to begin.

[You start off.]



[There can be more then one pony at the Picnic]


[P.S Everypony is allowed, anypony can come. Jump right in when you feel comfortable, Judgement FREE zone.]

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This roleplay is being locked for not having an OOC thread linked in the first post. Please create one, then PM me with the link to both the OOC and the RP to have the thread unlocked.

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