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ButterBrute sprinted through Ponyville, passing Sugarcube corner. She ran through the ponies, she yelled "Sorry! Sorry! Excuse me! That'll leave a mark...Sorry, sorry!" A new or old phrase for every pony she hit.

"Glash, Glash!" He ran through the ponies, reaching a large (And increasing) speed. You stood in the crowd, unwarry of the danger sprinting towards you. Ponies yelled as they flew into baskets,apples and other ponies. You finally got hit by ButterBrute, He couldn't run anymore, He was too tired. As you stumbled up, He fell by you're feet.


[Roleplay start]


[Anypony can RP, Judgement free zone.]

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This roleplay is being locked for not having an OOC thread linked in the first post. Please create one, then PM me with the link to both the OOC and the RP to have the thread unlocked.

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