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Applejack trotted towards Ponyville on the dirt road. She just finished Apple bucking and wanted something other then apples. It was warm outside with a cool breeze, making the temperature neutral. Bee's and butterflies flew around, birds chirped in the tree's. Cloud's were visible, not to many, not to little. The white color of the clouds seemed perfect with the light blue sky. You saw Applejack as she entered the town, you approached her and asked her where she was going. She told you that she, Applejack, was going to Sugar cube corner. You wanted to hang out with her and you felt hungry for a delicious cupcake. Applejack as well needed a nice cupcake. You, her friend(s) came along. You both (All) intended to hang out after you both(all) purchased a nice cupcake with the bits you had. Through the allies, through the twist and turns, over the road, on the road, through the ponies. You finally reached it, Sugar cube corner. "We best be gettin' inside." Applejack said. You both began to make you're way inside. Applejack held the wooden door for you, It smelled like cupcakes,cake and candy.





1) Only 7 Ponies can be in this roleplay, secondary characters will be played sometimes by the mane 6.


2) Grammar is important, use it to the best of you're abilities. [AKA Capitalization, punctuation, periods.]


3) Blood and gore are not allowed, fights however are. Small dabs of blood can be placed.


4) Romance is a can-do. [Example: Spike and Rarity. Kissing, hugging.] however there is no Adult situations.


5) You must sound like the character you are playing, like I did.


6) First person to choose a character and does a good job at is it that character.


7) [Last rule.] You must detail every single word, to the wood texture to the air breeze, this is Advanced role play after all.


8) {**FINAL RULE**} Check you're sentences for typo's, misspelled words, etc.


I will approve you're posts, be patient, I am only frequently. [Now]



Everybody is allowed, Judgement free zone!





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This RP is being locked for not having an OOC link posted in the opening post. For this thread to be unlocked an OOC thread must be created and posted in the OP. As such please PM me with a link to both the RP and OOC with a link to each thread.


Thank you.

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