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Help me with first mlp drawing

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First off I'm curious to know what everypony's opinion is on my mlp drawing.


Second what should her cutie mark be? What color/colors should the mane be and what color should the coat be? Oh yeah and what should her name be?


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I fixed the issue I forgot to click attach.

See how technologically orientated I am?

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It is CUTE, but the body is a little long. Wiener-pony. I did the exact same thing. xD And, if anything, the legs seem a bit thin proportionally. Other than that, you're kicking some ass!


Now, you don't know how you want her to be? You're essentially asking us to build you a pony. : P

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Nice start.... I'm with jackie, I think the body is a little too big and cylindrical (not quite "bean-shaped" enough). Then again, I haven't done any MLP art yet!(besides my avatar)

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