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Hey everypony I'm Skyla, I'm the daughter of Princess Candence and Shining Armour. You may not know me but that's ok. That's why I created this thread where you can ask me any questions and you can get to know the best pony. I'll try and get back to all of you. Happy questioning~Skyla. :D

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Hey there! What is an average day for you like?
Let's see an average day, well first Cadence or mommy wakes me up and then gives me my breakfast of oatios, then after that I usually am told to do my own thing while she protects the Crystal Empire from it's dangers. So that's when I meet up with my best friend Twila and we would just walk around doing stuff a filly would ordinarily do in the Crystal Empire like fly! However sometimes whenever we're under attack by the changelings then Princess Larva comes and I have to defeat her while Cadence defeats the other ones. Then later that night whenever everything calms down I usually get to my hobbies which I'll explain later. We eat dinner that the royal guards prepare for us and then it's time to hit the hay.  
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