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Gaming Lego Dimensions Content?

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OK, so, Lego Dimensions was announced. Currently Portal 2, Back to the Future, Portal, Doctor Who and the Wizard of Oz, along with LOTR, Lego Movie and Batman have been announced. But here's my content wishlist. What content would you like in Lego Dimensions?


For me it would be



Lego Racers: Think about it, Rocket Racer and his gang would be perfect for modern day! They should make Lego Racers 3! But this could be a great pack.

Lego Eastenders: Gamesmaster have been wishing for this, it could be possible. But they will have to see. Just imagine playing as Phil getting into arguements!


Lego Star Wars: OK, so this probably won't come out for a while, the hype of Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars would have to die down first. But it would be awesome. X-Wing fights and everything!


Lego Narnia: Could be a decent content pack to explore. With Aslan and Ridable Mounts.


Lego Tomb Raider: Perhaps the Idea that I had should be saved for last eh? Lara Croft against Phil Mitchell isn't exactly the strangest thing you'd see though.


Lego Top Gun: Pretty much any Tom Cruise film to be honest, Mission Impossible and Edge of Tomorrow would be good. But flying an F-14 shooting at stuff would be excellent.


Lego X-Men: With Quicksilver having an ability to slow down time.



What would it be for you? What content would you like to see in Lego Dimensions? And most importantly, would it be worth the money ;) ?

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