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Mega Thread The Banned Game

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The obligatory banned game. It's one of the largest threads on every single forum I've ever been to.   This is how it works: you "ban" the last poster and cite a reason why. The reason can, quite li

Banned for starting this monster in a different forum. Maybe it won't catch on here...

Banned for blaming someone for banning, when you are a banner.

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Just now, meme said:

memed for missing the "or anything" part which includes various things such as meming and canning.

Well, I COULD try claiming I Ruby Deved them, but that would be a downright lie, so ok, fair enough.

Banned for pointing out my mistake :)

Just now, Nightfall Gloam said:

Canned because I put you inside of a can

Canned because you can't :)

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Just now, meme said:

canned because i can

I do note that "reformed" ham is chopped into tiny bits, pressed into a block, then heatsealed into a can.

So, banned for not "reforming" Chrysalis :)

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7 minutes ago, We_R_VeNoM said:

Banned for wanting to reform bug queen. :3

Banned because yeah, think that is the best solution for her.

Actually, given she is a queen and we are talking about solutions, Aqua Regia sounds good too....

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1 minute ago, The_Gobo said:

Banned for having a good-lookin' Main-frame


Banned for stalking my compute core....

ALSO banned for being a teacup heretic! Only the One True Teacup is acceptable (although the Picnic Alternate Set can be substitued in a pinch)

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