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Elizabeth Rose

Open Cloudsdale High (Pegasus/Alicorn school only)

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OOC Link: Cloudsdale High


You walk in your new school. Everypony is chattering here and there. You find your way to your locker and put away your things. Homeroom first You think as you start walking down the hall. Once you get inside, you take the first open seat and sit down. Everyone else was already sitting. Then the bell rang and an announcement came on saying, "Welcome, students! To your first day at Cloudsdale High! We are so exited to have you all here at our school this year and I wont be the only one to say this will most likely be the best school year of your life!"

You sit there listening to the overly exited mare on the speakers. Best year ever. Typical first day announcement. The teacher then introduces herself. 

"My name is Elizabeth Gold, But you may either call me Miss Liz, Lizzie, or Miss Gold. Though I prefer Miss Liz. I will be your Homeroom teacher this year. To start off, I would like everypony to come to the front and introduce themselves. "


Add a post about yourself, As in your personality, why you chose to go to Cloudsdale high, Etc.

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Name: Sunshine Shimmer


Age: 22

Looks: (See thumbnail)
Cutie mark Meaning: she's an adviser for all four princess starting w/ Princess Celestia
Cutie Mark: (see thumbnail #2)
Reason for Coming: Princess Celestia told her she should come to learn more about the Pegasus Culture, now that she's an Ailcorn.
Personality: Shy, sometimes can be rough w/ other ponies that insult her, or her friends and family (Sunset Shimmer is her twin).
Hates: Being alone w/ no friends or family, ponies who pick on others. Other creatures who treat others w/ disrespect or think they are better then others.
Likes: being home an d around her friends and family, helping those in need of her assistance and standing up for what she believes is the right thing to do.
Back story: She was just a filly when Princess Celestia chose her and Sunset Shimmer to be her Prized Pupil at her school of magic, when Sunset left to the human world, Sunshine became depressed and her grades suffered because of it. Then princess Celestia found Twilight Sparkle, thinking that the princess was trying to replace her sister, Sunshine started off hating Twilight until they both discovered that NightMare Moon was coming back, they tried to tell the Princess but she sent them to Ponyville instead. Once they defeated NightMare Moon, they staid in Ponyville until they became Alicorns, Sunshine was then told to go to Cloudsdale High to complete her training.



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Roleplay locked.

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