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(Ginger468 as BriteShine)


Genre Dark/Comedy


So I woke up had a cup of joe, oh Joe so sorry you had to die but you knew to much, and went outside.  Apparently the guards were looking for someone by the name ShiverNill.  He was missing and it wasn't me this time his number wasn't up infact he didn't have a number.  I must find him and give him a number.  


So I looked over the evidence and found out that he was quite the weirdo.  He had books on how to kill killers I love that book, and hacksaw.  Ooh as much as I love the hacking saw it realy does ask the question why have a hack saw.  Maybe he is hunting down a killer, but who is it me?  Is he missing or is he just being stealthy.  At night I decided to look for him and i found hiding in a trash can.


I opened the trash can and said hello and he had the nerve to try and stab me.  I was like oh no you don't not up my watch, not on mine.  So I returned the favor by stabbing him.  Oh and he screamed but someone was watching a little foal.  She ran but to her dismay i was much faster and off with her head.  Oh look at this crime scene messy messy messy I but foal's body in a trash can and light it up.  Oh but the best part was that ShiverNill was still alive and burned to death.  


Look's like he went out in a blaze of glory.  Now why do I tell this tale, to warn the people who want to catch me and kill me.  I'll catch you first.

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