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Regular show in MLP:G1

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Some of you would call MLP:G1 crap, but how many times better would MLP:G1 be if Megan, Molly, and Danny were replaced by the park crew of Regular Show and what would the park crew do to everypony?

I envision that in "Rescue at Midnight Castle", Mordecai would ask why Tirek wants to bring out eternal night and Benson will tell the Moochick to shut up and just get to the Rainbow of Light.  Pops would ride Firefly up to Tirek and wrestle him.  The Rainbow of Darkness gets knock out of Tirek's hand and Rigby gets chased around by Tirek and/or his minions.  The Park crew rush out to get the Rainbow of light while the Rainbow of Darkness is in Rigby's hands and Tirek gets killed off.  And we get his gem:

Rigby: So Tirek's dead, right?

Bowtie: Yep, that's the last we'll see of him.

Rigby: So what do we do with this thing?  Flush it down the toilet?

Moochick: No, we must lock it away, so no one may use it for their evil deeds.

Skips: I think I got a better idea.

And then the Park Crew pour some gasoline on the Rainbow of Darkness and put a match on it.


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sounds intresting :3 maybe i will check it G1 out one day and imagine that XD

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