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How Princess Spike Should Of Ended

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Did you even READ what I wrote? Giving a critique on a genuinely bad episode and showing how to do it better is not "complaining" and I said in the very beginning that the premise of the episode wasn't bad.


Translation: I see the positive qualities of the episode. 


Do not assume me to be some season one'r who just hates on an episode for no reason, or that I was even hating on the episode to begin with. Spikes character deserves better than what he gets from the writers and I was showing how it can be done. Actually READ the post that is written before you comment please. 

Didn't say you were complaining, but it was a good episode. It was more to everyone who had complained and will probably post something saying how bad it is. :P

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Being someone that did enjoy the episode, I will say that Spike's incredibly sudden and fast 'power mad' state was my biggest gripe with the episode overall. This revision would have prevented that entirely and for that, I greatly approve of this. The only thing I would add (and I may have missed it here) is having Spike make some mistakes along the way, but not totally screwing everything up like he did in the original episode, which I think that was totally overdoing it.

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