The crystal empire part 1 credits

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(If this isn't the right place to post this in, sorry, I thought this would be the right place.)


So I was watching Power ponies, daring don't, flight to the finish and Bats! on TV, and among a few things like obviously removed parts and lines to i presume shorten the episode, and the slightly higher pitched episode, they all used the credits from the crystal empire part 1. At least, I think it is, I can't see why those four episodes would all state that daniel ingram did the music for the songs "The failure song" and "Ballad of the crystal ponies" when they're not in those episodes (duh) but they're not even the same season


Did I just miss the point where every season 4 episode credits those 2 songs and no others? when the previews come up for whats on next the credits go into a small box in the corner so I couldn't check anything else, but I did notice that it went straight to the voice actors after crediting those 2 songs, so it is definitely only those 2 songs. Is this a regular thing that I just never noticed, or just a one off? Just weird that it would have that for all 4 episodes.


If you haven't seen these things, I live in England, so there's gonna be regional differences, some of which I can understand a little (like the slightly higher pitched voices) but I'm really curious if anyone knows anything about the credits thing.

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