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Do you like twilight sparkle as an unicorn or as an alicorn?


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I have a bit of a disdain for alicorns that are not significantly larger than regular ponies, so I prefer her as a unicorn. It just makes her seem a little bit more relatable, and fits in much better with the race dynamic of the Mane Six. (Two unicorns, two pegasi, two earth ponies) The balance has been skewed off now and it bothers me because of OCD nitpickyness. Also, the way it was done too quickly and poorly in the episode it was done has kind of tainted it a bit for me. I just really have trouble believing she earned it due to the episode being so rushed, and I can't quite get over that.


Also, they seem to mostly have her act as a regular pony rather than a princess, not showing many plots about what being royalty must be like and how the change has affected her. She's not the same anymore, and whilst I would've preferred they save alicornhood for the last episode of the series, they could at least handle things a little more appropriately. Honestly, I find it worse to treat things like the same old when they are clearly quite different. The addition of wings may be minor aesthetically to most people (not to me though - if you add even one detail like that to a simple design like a pony's, it changes it significantly), but in what it means within Equestria, it is very major. She is now a member of royalty, somebody of important status. It should have changed a lot of things. I don't mind change if it is handled properly, but I really don't think her alicornhood has been at all due to the nature of the show. They really can't go into that sort of detail due to being slice of life, although I also understand that the change was controlled by toy mandates likely, so it isn't their fault as much. However, I prefer unicorn Twilight for that reason as well. Because with her, it makes sense to just act like a regular old unicorn. 

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I know this is an old thread, but I'm all Alicorn Twilight. I see nothing wrong with her having wings. She's still Twilight, simply put. Plus her regal composure would be like that of Celestia's - But did Celestia change? No, she's still good ol' Sunbutt.

The thing about Alicorn Twilight is that she's more powerful and well-developed compared to her other seasons.

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So far I've liked her more as a unicorn. Being the princess seems to have made her less relevant somehow. It's not by much, but I think it did her no real favors as far as her character goes. I miss the old Twilight, but this is the one I have, I guess.

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It's only taken 3 and half seasons but I'm finally starting to like her more as an alicorn with her wings, princess responsibilities and other such. I think it helped pushed her character development in the right direction. I just wish there would stop being these instances of her failing at friendship when she's supposed to be the princess of it now lol. At the same time however, I feel they could spotlight her a bit more now that she's princess, it's not been made into as big of deal as I would have expected it to be which is both good and bad.

I think it took me a while to adjust because I thought her becoming a princess meant the show was nearing its end back at the end of season 3 when it happened. Now that it's just a thing that happened instead and life goes on I'm not as against the idea of her being an alicorn anymore.

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I love her as unicorn and alicorn! :wub: The question surprises me, I never thought about it personally.

On 2021-12-19 at 12:14 PM, TomDaBombMLP said:

I hate when people complain about her being an alicorn. It’s always been the same Twilight we love so much. So as such, I love both forms the same. ^_^

There we go! :pinkie:

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