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What is your favorite Color Combination?


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I love color so I have a lot of favorite combos


Black and white is one. That shouldn't have been hard to deduct, given the pony in my avatar pic. I actually like mixing many colors on the black and white spectrum. It's a definitely a situation where less is more, in my humble opinion.  


Blue and Yellow. When you use those colors in a certain way, it's just eye candy.


Yellow and Purple. These 2 colors are opposites attracting in the best possible way. Yellow and purple are both bold colors that can make for some very dynamic appeal when used together. 


any color used with a darker version of itself. red with dark red, blue with dark blue, green with dark green, you get the idea. It may seem bland but I have tried this combo and it can work wonders. It's very surprising how well a color can contrast with a darker version of itself if you're using the right shades. It also works wonders on OC appeal if used correctly.


Pink and Blue. I love this color combo but, In my opinion, it's usefulness only really shines in backgrounds. It's a combo where you need to watch what you use it on. While some would prefer blue and red, I feel blue and pink is better. The colors ain't trying to overpower each other like what happens when you work with blue and red. Blue and pink tones the red down and brings it to a color that looks more level with the blue and they work great. 


Silver and Gold. But... it's shiny


that's pretty much all I have... I think 

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I like Black & Blue, and turquoise (light blue) juxtaposes nicely with Red.

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Purple & blue has always been a very attractive color combo for me - it would make for an awesome business suit.

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Red and orange and yellow and green and blue and purple. < _<  Best color combo.  Oh, and light / baby / sky / Columbian blue. x3


I used to like green with practically everything: Green with black / white / brown / pink / red / orange / purple.


Blue and yellow.  Blue and orange.  Blue and red.


Black and yellow.  Black and red.


Three-color: Green, pink, and white.  Was fond of that at length.

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Hmm...I like either harmonious color combos or extremely constrasting ones. Black + vivid color, for example, or white + dark color. Other than that, shades of blue and orange are among my favorite :D

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Purple goes well with anything. So I cannot really specify which looks best.

Maybe purple and light gray or silver. That combination never goes wrong.

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