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Well, all this will be sad last I saw a trailer for MLPFIM SEASON 9 SERIES FINALE! >_> What I saw I'M blown away as Tirek totally wreaks and destroys fucking Canterlot Castle yes, I CRIED hard  when Twilight Sparkle was crying toward the audients and spike crying in her arms I couldn't keep my emotions anymore this will end and tragedy as the show will end and Rainbooming cheers and sadness but remember bronies if it wasn't for you guys the show never stay on as well as it did and I give all thanks to you may it warm all your hearts to share this magic with me one last time !

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What is Jojo?




Don't make the baby squirrel angry, you won't like it when it's angry!



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How to play Reinhardt in Dungeons and Dragons by the YouTube channel, Tulok the Barbarian. 

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