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Last YouTube video you watched?

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This is what I saw, its a much watch! Tell me your reacton!

This forum is for the last YouYube video you watched, in case you had not noticed from the title.  If the last one you watched is worth sharing, or might apply to others, then go right ahead! Also k

What ruined Hanna-Barbera?  

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Critical roll campaign 2 episode 92. So. Much. Content D:

They are the best thing to fall asleep to :3 They are also the best thing. 

There are some absolutely insane and interesting political youtubes I watched a bit more recently about some of the non-Trump capitol building infiltrators... I won't go into these here, but I highly recommend anyone who is interested in those checking them out. A few people who have been charged, including the one who filmed poor Ashli and was therefore interviewed by high profile media - these are worth looking into beyond the short shrift top-media and tweaky Twitter have of them, as usual :p  

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I absolutely love her. Love her personality. She’s so adorable my heart. Absolutely loved her cover song she did as well. Jennie is such body goals I can’t. She’s so tiny and gorgeous.

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Definitely shady business practice. Going to suck if it’s the same situation with Nogizaka46(which I assume it will be). The stories Ive heard on this one from other 46 fans have been insane. With Sakurazaka being new and the least popular this is the last sort of thing they need this early on.

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