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[feedback please] Techno -ish sample song

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Ideas are definitely alright. The melody is actually fairly catchy, simple, repeatable, which is what techno is supposed to be as far as I understand it. Bit iffy on the bass, but that may be mixing. Clap is cheesy, I'd fine a better sample and do some layering maybe. Solid structurally, the transitions are sensible and carry energy well.


Which comes down to the main problem. Mixing. Everything's a bit... disparate, and it weakens the song despite good core ideas and sound design. Elements of the song don't exactly come together in a harmonious way even if all of them are fine individually. Bass needs to be put somewhere else in the mix, it's too prominent and not a good thing to be prominent (it's fine pulled back, probably?) Drums are weak, they overall need beefing up. No matter the genre the drums should always be well mixed so they can carry the rhythm even if they're not that loud. A bit of side chaining might work wonders here. The lead is really weak, it needs help to be made prominent in the mix. A lot of a song is made or broken on very basic things, actually. Setting levels, panning, EQ. Play around with that stuff since for now you've got decent composition and sound design. Get some reference tracks of songs from artists you're inspired by and compare them to your track. You'll find a lot of differences in the way sounds come out. I don't know techno so I can't recommend ref tracks myself, but I'm sure you've got an idea of what good sounding tracks in your genre are.


And congratulations on your first song. :3 I hope you continue to get whatever it is you're looking for in music production!

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Personally, it had catchy melody's, the only thing I thought you were missing was different beats, 

But for a beginner I would rate it a 8/10

It was pretty good though, I will tell my friends about your song!

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