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Lines you'll never catch FIM characters saying.

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Spike: Rarity, will you marry me?


AJ: Oh boy! More apples! (In a non sarcastic tone :P )


Twilight: Do you think it's creepy that Celestia monitors me everyday and forces me to write letters to her?


Zecora: [insert sentence that doesn't rhyme]


Maud: WOOHOO!! I'm so exited about this!!


Twilight: Just put It anywhere..

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Vinyl Scratch: *insert any line in existence here*

King Sombra: "Actually, I've always had a rather-extensive vocabulary -- not to mention a phenomenal grasp of grammar, and a superlative command of syntax... I simply chose not to employ them."

Tirek: I eat magic and fart wishes. Twilight Sparkle: Could you read this for me? Discord: I'm making a logical decision. Applejack: I hate apples. Rarity: I am the goddess of gaudy.  

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Applejack: I can't stand being around any of you.


Maud Pie: You got me the stone obelisk by the correct measurements I specified. I will make use of it.


Twilight Sparkle: Doesn't Mr. and Ms. Cake seem dumber than before?

Pinkie Pie: Must be from all that banging their heads on the wall when I do something wrong.


Twilight Sparkle: The part where Daring Do *Spoiler Alert*.

Rainbow Dash: Oh, come on! I told you not to spoil it!


Rarity: Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Mirror: Not you.

Rarity: :angry:


Twilight Sparkle: Follow your heart. That's just stupid advise dummies say because they don't have any adequate advise to give in the first place.

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*Applejack enters Golden Oak Library with kiwi pie*

Twilight - Hi AJ. You can put the pie on those books on the floor. *Applejack sets down pie, glances at Twilight, and quickly eats it*

*Twilight turns back and looks suspiciously at Applejack as Fluttershy enters*

Applejack - It was Fluttershy!

Fluttershy - No, it was Angel! He did it, I swear! *Throws Angel down and runs away as Rarity enters*

Rarity (sees pie smeared on Applejack's face) - Oh, darling, you look absolutely gorgeous! Has anypony seen Fluttershy? I lent her my one-of-a-kind dress that I have to present to Photo Finish in a couple of hours ... something about playing dress up with her pigs. *Rainbow Dash crashes through window*

Rainbow Dash - I can't believe it! It's soooo boring winning every time, and I finally lost! To Derpy AND Bulk Biceps! Party time! *Releases hundreds of balloons as Pinkie Pie enters*

Pinkie Pie - AAAHH!!! So many balloons, get them away from me!

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Here is another one.

Fluttershy: Give me some CENSORED Vodka now

Rainbow Dash: Flying's boring

Twilight Sparkle: I'm Batman

Applejack: Watermelon is better than Apples.

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Luna: I miss the moon.


Twilight: The movie was so much better than the book.


Celestia: Cake? Gross!


Fluttershy: Hi my names fluttershy! Nice to meet you!


Pinkie pie: Im tired lets call it a day..

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Celestia: Well since Twilight Sparkle handled Starlight Shimmer, I can call off my secret assassins.


Shining Armor: Slavery is still legal in the Crystal Empire.


Applejack: I just finished rounding up a mob to run Zecora out of town.


Rainbow Dash: **** the Everfree Forest. I say we just burn it all down.


Pinkie Pie: I wear dentures.


Rarity: It's like this pole is calling out for me to dance with it.

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Princess Celestia: I sensed a disturbance in the Force.

Twilight Sparkle: I felt it also, it was like a hundred ponies cried out in agony.


Sunset Shimmer: Hmm, I sense a presence... a presence I haven't felt since... Master!
Princess Celestia: I am most impressed to see you have survived in this world.
Sunset Shimmer: I have used your training, Master. And I have conquered this school all this in hopes of returning to your side.
Princess Celestia: Hmm... how unfortunate that you are attempting to deceive me.
Sunset Shimmer: Master?
Princess Celestia: You have become... A RIVAL!


Princess Celestia: Sunset Shimmer remember, the first and only reality. There can only be one apprentice. And you are no longer my apprentice. You have been replaced.


Sunset Shimmer: You should join me and become my apprentice.

Twilight Sparkle: I'm more advanced than you. You will become my apprentice and I will make you bow.

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Discord: Why don't you drop that Plot Armor and we'll see if you're as good as you say.


Rarity: It's not like I'm that desperate to lay it all out for a center fold spread.


Rainbow Dash: Look! Spitfire is in the center fold. *Drool.*


Fluttershy: If you excuse me, I have to put on my animal suit and go to our weekly animal role playing session.


Rarity: No stop! Some pony help me! My mane is stuck in the sewing machine! AHHHHHHHHHH!


Sweetie Belle: This is Rarity's picture album.

Spike: *Drool.*

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The term is "butt". "Plot" is a completely unrelated literary concept. >_> Stupid memey nonsense is stupid. *deep breathing exercises...and calm* I love you guys.

Twilight: "I feel like I'm going crazy here! I'm getting [censored] while eating out my own [censored]!"
(Via magic portals, she COULD say/do this...Just remember that. >.>)

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Anyway, I have a challenge...

Who can deal with the "Rainbow dash always dresses in style" part of the G3 theme song for over 2 hours?

Dealing with any part of those malformed smooshed-donkey-face beasts or their various awful musics is a challenge. XP


Twilight: "I am the unicorn wizard!"

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Celestia: I'm afraid you've learned too much now my dear pupil. It's time to prepare the guillotine.

Applejack: Get your fresh Oranges here! ^ _ ^

Rarity: My flank is too fat. I had too many marshmallows and now I look like one! :(

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Rainbow Dash: Rarity, I'm getting married in a month, can you make a wedding dress for me?


Rarity: Royalty? Pah! What a bunch of stuck ups


Applejack: Hey Spike can you do all my chores? I'm going to go and relax under that tree.


Twilight Sparkle: Organization is for chumps


Fluttershy: I bet I could beat you in a race


Pinkie Pie: I'm on a diet

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Sunset Shimmer: Who keeps so many bottles of whipped cream?

Pinkie Pie: Almost everyone in my family is an addict including me. *Laughs uncontrollably.*


Pinkie Pie: I'm really sorry for locking you all in my fungeon and punishing you all for my mistake of thinking you all forgot my birthday.


Twilight Sparkle: You didn't have to put her in the hospital.

Rarity: But I wanted that dress so badly.


Rainbow Dash: Uhhhh... I'm bored as hay. Let's punch each other and see who lasts the longest.

Applejack: You're on.

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Sunset Shimmer: Now follow me as I show you around the school and pay no attention to the body chalk outlines on the school floor.


Flash Sentry: There's a crazy stalker following me.


Applejack: Flash Sentry's tweets are just him crying about Twilight Sparkle.


Rarity: That size doesn't impress me.


Twilight Sparkle: Where did these clothes come from? Oh well, better take them off for good measure.


Sunset Shimmer: I will kiss every boy and girl in this school to win.


Pinkie Pie: Sorry, Spike can't stay in my house for the night because my father is allergic to dogs.


Spike: Why is this dog sniffing my butt?


Twilight Sparkle: If they refuse to become friends, I could always eliminate them all and let *wink* sort this out. Trust me, *wink* will not be happy dealing with you all.

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"Come mister tally-man tally me banana"

- Applejack



"Purple is so overrated."

- Twilight



"Darling, you could get this dress far cheaper at WalMart!"

- Rarity



"Twilight never proof reads the scrolls I send to Celestia. She has no idea I ignore what she dictates and just trade dirty jokes with Tia!"

- Spike



"My dear little friends, tonight I made us something very special. It's a dish called Hasenpfeffer. Uh, Angel won't be joining us, uh, he moved, ah, yeah, he moved to Manehattan, and we'll never see him again."

- Fluttershy



"And nopony ever noticed the rocket engine hidden under my tail!"

- Rainbow Dash



"I feel like a salty snack. Anypony have any pretzels?"

- Pinkie



"Get your lazy plot out of bed, Luna! You know you're supposed to orchestrate a total eclipse today!"

- Celestia


"You ponies are such bigots!"

- Zecora

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