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I was thinking we could kinda make a brony hall of fame, for all of the greatest figureheads and content creators of all time. I'll start by pointing out the obvious ones....

1) Digibrony Aka Digibro

2) Tommy Oliver Aka Brony Curious

3) Saberspark

4) Gibbontake

5) The Living Tombstone

6) ILoveKimPossibleALot Aka KP

7) Drwolf

8) Jhaller

9) Anypony

10) SilverQuill


Add any more you think I missed!

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You forgot ACRaceBest! He does the Bronies React, plus he's a pretty funny guy :P

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LZRD WZRD counts as one.. right? the guy is awesome


What this guy said, because he is right.

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