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On fimfiction the story will be updated more frequently.


Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra have joined forces, now one of the biggest wars is roaming over Equestria. Ponies and other creatures are living in poverty and fear. Only a few years into the war and Princess Celestia and Luna have already fallen to their grave. Many of Twilight's friends were long gone by that time. Twilight was nothing without here friends so reached out to Sunset Shimmer since her magical strength was dearly needed. Unfortunately, the two alicorns had to hide themselves in the deepest caves of the Crystal Mountains, not wanting to be taken prisoner by the so called new rulers of Equestria.


Now there are rumors that the two princesses are looking for three ponies who are destined to destroy the darkness that is roaming inside Equestria. Join them on their journey back to harmony.




(Somewhere in Equestria)

The sound of dark howling could be heard from within the forest. Followed by the sound of hoof steps. A pack of wolves was chasing two ponies who were probably running for their life's.

"Come on Bloom, a bit faster, We're almost at the hideout. I don't wanna die tonight because of your tiny legs." the orange Pegasus said almost out of breath.

"Well we wouldn't been runnin if ya hadn't woken up those wolves ." Bloom said while running next to her.

"Well I wouldn't have woken up those wolves if you hadn't left the hideout in the first place." Scoots hissed back.

They were so busy arguing as always that they missed the tree that was laying down on the road, causing them to crash and stumble. The wolves were getting closer, Scoots got back on her hoofs quickly but Applebloom was still pretty much out. She tried to drag her away but she was too heavy.

"Come on Bloom, wake up!" Scootaloo yelled, slapping her face with her hoofs as the wolves got even closer."Get away, you beasts, leave us alone!" Scoots yelled as an attempt to scare them away. The wolves stopped for a moment before quickly running the other way. "YES! it worked! We're saved! We made it Bloom.''

''I don't think your yelling was the thing that scared them away." A familiar voice said with a chuckle.

Scootaloo turned around, looking at the face of her trustworthy friend. "Spike!" she yelped as she stood up to hug him.

"No time for hugs Scoots, those wolves might return. We gotta get moving, fast!" the purple dragon said as he picked up still unconscious Applebloom. He could feel a light but cold breeze around him, it was not a good sign. "Winters wind is almost here, we best hurry back to the valley." Spike said as he started running.

Scoots nodded as she ran after Spike. They took the usual but almost impossible route to the valley. Over the bridge, then down the rocks near the waterfall and through the tunnels. They arrived at the entrance. Scootaloo knocked on the large door as always.

(The crystal mountains)

The cold winter wind had arrived just like every night. It wasn't uncommon, it was expected when living inside the crystal mountains. Twilight was standing outside, looking at the distanced lights coming from the Crystal Empire. She listened to the wind, she could here the cries and suffering coming from the Empire. 7 years and 4 months since Sombra was resurrected again. Only this time they could not stop him in time. A tear fell from Twilight's cheek when thinking about it. The tear turned into ice before it even reached the snow beneath her hooves. A sign for Twilight to get back inside. She walked back inside, getting welcomed by a warm embrace from Sunset

''You had me worried again. You shouldn't be standing outside with the winters wind. You said so yourself." Sunset said with a soft voice.

"I know, I just needed some time alone to think. You know how it is." Twilight said with a smile in responds as she sat down by the fire in the main hall. It wasn't a big fire but the heat was enough for the entire cave. Starring into the fire, Twilight got lost in her thoughts again. "Do you think we will ever find a way to defeat them? Or are we just holding on to lost hope?'' Twilight said looking at Sunset.

Sunset sat down next to Twilight, putting a hoof around her. "Even lost hope will find his way back home someday.'' She said with a smile. "Don't worry Twilight. We will find them and when we do, they will know how to defeat the darkness.'' She said as she cuddles up close to her.

"How must we find them if we can't even go outside anymore?'' Twilight said with a worried tone in her voice.

''They will come to us, it is their destiny. Has destiny ever let us down?'' Sunset said looking at Twilight. "Never. So no need worry, just stop with those worries of yours. I'm starting to sound wiser than Celestia with all these words I'm saying." Sunset said with a chuckle.

"Yeah, you are starting sound like Celestia.'' Twilight said, smiling again.

They both dissolved into laughter, tears coming from their eyes. You could here it echo through the cave. After they finally calmed down they looked at each other with a smile. They started to chat about the good times, before the war came to Equestria. Eventually they fell asleep, holding each others hoof.  The winters wind came howling into the cave, blowing out the fire as if it was its purpose to do so.

(back at the valley on the other side of Equestria)

"State your names." A stallions voice said.

"CMC's captain Scootaloo, CMC's co-captain Bloom and Chief Spike, sir!" Scoots said with her clear voice.

A loud bang followed by the sound of gears could be heard behind the large door. It took a few second but it finally opened. Scoots and Spike walked into the valley. The door closed behind them again with a loud bang.

The valley was a big and beautiful cave with waterfalls running down the walls, blooming trees and colorful flowers. The scenery was amazing but it was still a dark place. You could hear foals weeping after they lost their parents and mares crying because they lost their beloved husbands. Everypony around had lost someone, including Scoots and Bloom. Rarity and Sweetiebelle died in the first week of the war, trying to fight one of Sombra's shadow recruits. Applejack and Big Mac died a week later.

Spike brought Applebloom to nursing room, while Scoots walked towards the housing area, greeting everypony with a smile on her way down. She stopped at one of the houses where a guard was posted outside. He greeted her with a smile and let her through.

"Good evening my sister." An old voice said.

"Hello my dear sister, I though you would be a sleep by now. How are you today?'' Scootaloo said with a smile as she walked into the small but cozy living room



Chapter 1: The wall

Still working on it

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I am so downloading this to read while I babysit my cousin today!

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