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Do you call her Minuette or Colgate

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Personally, I call her Minuette because I think it sounds better

Her name is Minuette as she said in that episode.

No offense fandom, but Colgate is one really lame name. She's Minuette, and that name is better by leaps and bounds.   Naming a pony after a brand of toothpaste... yeah, no copyright issues there. N

I just call her Colgate because that's what I've always called her since day one of knowing about her. Calling her Minuette feels odd to me.

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Minuette, it sounds way better than Colgate, which I never liked the name of anyway.

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I call her Minuette. This name sounds cuter for me and the name fits better to her than Colgate in my opinion. Besides, it's her official name. 

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I didn't particularly care all that much before she was featured as a supporting character, but after "Amending Fences" I have to say that I prefer Minuette for two reasons: (1) because it is her canon name, and (2) because it does genuinely sound better than Colgate, and seems to suit her better.  I was never really crazy about the fan name Colgate, doesn't make much sense either when one considers that it's a name based off a company which probably doesn't even exist in Equestria.  Like, if it was a generic name like "Toothpaste" that would work logically (even if it's not a good name) because that exists in Equestria, but Colgate only works as a name if that's a word that actually exists in the ponies' lexicon.



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Since I found out her name I have always called her by her real name.. "Minuette", i actually really like that name.. ;) Fun to say :)


I do however call the grey Cross-eyed one "Derpy" rather than the originally intended "Ditzy doo" :derp:

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