BABSCon 2016 Roleplaying Game Suggestions

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I'm probably going to be running tabletop RPGs at BABScon next year.  Any preferences?


Definitely going to do some pony specific things.  NOT Ponyfinder - I really do not like d20 and d20 derived games - but probably some Fate Core and FAE adventure games, maybe a homebrew about the Lunar Dream Guard, and a playtest of an Apoc World derived game called All The Pretty Little Horses, which I'm going to try to make the lovechild of Gen 1 and FiM.


What sort of tabletop RPGs do you want to play, run, or bring? And how do the proposed games sound?

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The relatively easier to understand the better, imo. Don't want to be explaining stuff for an hour to newcomers before you get into the game.

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