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music Is New Justin Bieber better than Old Justin Bieber?

Sky Knight

Old Bieber or New Bieber?  

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  1. 1. Do you like Past Bieber or Today Bieber?

    • I like Today Bieber.
    • I like Past and Today Bieber!
    • I like Past Bieber.
    • I hate Bieber!

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To be honest, what I'm wanting to say is pretty much what Magos said on page 1, so that doesn't need repeating.

At the time, there was a petition about deporting JB and it really surpassed its goal. I don't know the URL to it now (clearing my history really wipes it on all my devices) but what I do know is that it was on the whitehouse petition part of their site.

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I pretty much never care for him at all, but I know he has gone through tough times being famous at a very young age and tried to make the best out of it with his current state. 

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Regardless of what I think of him as a person, he's got a good voice.

He was young and thrust into a position of fame wholly unprepared while being young, one reason was Hollywood wanting money(fuck Hollywood, but I digress). Was a bit of an ass for an extended period of time as the fame all went to his head, though fortunately he's gotten a lot more grounded as he's grown up, which is nice. 

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His voice sounds a lot better now, and while many of the songs I've heard aren't really to my liking, they're certainly much better than the likes of "Baby". :please: Not a surprise, as I'm not really a fan of kids' singing in most cases.

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On 2021-11-30 at 11:35 PM, RaphLuna said:

Justin Bieber is a chick. Doesn’t matter anyway she went to gitmo and he ain’t coming back. What you see is a clone or an actor. But just keep bowing to your idols and worship them as if they are all Gods.

facepalm. You can take the slave out of the matrix but you can’t take the matrix out of the slave. 

Ah yes, the classic, "I'm not a sheep, you're a sheep" attack. Don't take it out on these folks just because, JFK Jr. didn't rise from the dead in Dallas. That was solely my fault. Well, the Ghostbusters may have helped. Both the oldschool ones, and the ones from 2016. And then we all went to a concert and worshipped Clone-Bieber.

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Ah. Back when the internet hated Justin Bieber back in 2010 to 2011 or so. Good times.

I will post this here because it is historically the most hated MLP-related image ever by downvotes (as far as I am aware), and it amuses me.


As for the man himself, I have no opinion.

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The new Justin Bieber is why I quit his music. Granted, I would have quit anyways due to outgrowing it, but when I heard he got into drugs and possibly some other questionable things, I found no need to follow him anymore. 

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