What do you collect besides Pony stuff?

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I had so much fun yesterday. A High voltage line was hit by a tractor, and one of the phases got snapped off (no one got hurt). I was just on my way with the scooter to find a place to walk, had my camera with me... And the maintenance team arrived to repair the line.


I got to go up in the line cart! It was so coooool. I was like 32.8 ft (10 meter) in the air, right above the insulators (the stuff I collect). Fear of height? Yes sir! That was the point of going up there :ButtercupLaugh: I also got to remove the short circuit protection, which was crazy! The line was completely shut off, but you must count of inductance.

Then I followed them to the transformer station, got to go in there, look at stuff. See when they turned the power back again. And returned with an Insulator I don't have in my collection. :mlp_yeehaa:

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I was cleaning out a bin today and found some old collections. Erasers, rubber ducks, dream catchers (feathers were everywhere), clay birds and aliens, cake toppers, and stuff from other Hasbro properties. I’m going to keep some, toss others, give away the ducks, and try to repair the dream catchers. 

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I have a small saxophone collection, but I'm starting to lose touch with that kind of stuff, so I don't think I'll get very many more of those.

I really like BattleTech, but I don't have much of that stuff yet. Just physical copies of MechWarrior 2, GBL, 2 Mercs, 3, 4 Mercs, 4 Vengeance, and 4 Black Knight so far. There are some old blueprint posters of 'Mechs I want, but they're insanely expensive and not made anymore. They're like $50 - $70 each on eBay. Here's what one looks like. Once I'm living on my own and have the spare money, I want to buy a bunch of posters for different 'Mechs.




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