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Thanks for participating everybody but sadly this Q&A has come to an end.  Be sure to come back next week for our first member Q&A featuring Nervous Stitch!

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JonasDarkmane said:

Will you answer my questions that you haven't answered D:?


Have you played any of the Fallout games?


When you play games, how long do you play?

I can't find those questions you speak of. :(


No, I have not played any of the Fallout games, however I have heard good things about them.


When I play games I tend to end up with an hour to a few hours worth of playtime. I don't really get addicted. :P


~Clover said:

when was the last time u wuz on ur period?¿¿? (I warned you I'd post this)


Anyway, in all seriousness, what's your favourite memory with PArc?


Also, how did you get into becoming a sysadmin?

... You actually did that....


Okay, fine. Claim your cookie prize later on PArcMC. As for the question itself - unless I'm also living in an alternate universe where I am female, never.


My favourite memory? Most likely the original message I got when I was told I was hired. It's a special kind of feeling, y'know. It's hard to describe.

How did I get into sysadmin stuff? I suck at programming. Looked at the other side of things and found out I was better at that. Bingo, that's what I try to learn.

The font's pretty too. Kinda. (cringes at Comic Sans)


Jeric said:

When was the longest gaming session you ever had?

Four hours of Minecraft probably.

Let's just say I have better things to do with my time nowadays.



yayayayayala :3 said:

Most boring game you've ever played? :D

I know I said I'd like to see this as an event, but DoTA 2. It's probably because I've always played it alone I've found it so boring.


Allen said:

Hi Zeus, what internet browser do you play on PArc? Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge?



Oh well, that's it. Thank you for having me guys, it's been great fun. Hope to see you on one of the PoniArcade servers soon!

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