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Gaming Team Permafrost looking for chill af League of Legends Players

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Hello there! Team Permafrost, a new e-sports team for multiple games, is currently recruiting for it's new League of Legends branch. I am Looseleaf, the League of Legends branch team manager and top laner! If you're a cool dude who's decently good at League and wanna join a ranked team with similar chill players, I am currently looking for players who are the following:


A) Respectful

B) Somewhat Decent at the game

C) Highschool Age at least

D) Dank Memers


If you are interested, all positions on the team listed below are up for grabs.


Top (Since i can migrate to other positions):



AD Carry:



Still interested? You can visit the Team Permafrost site @


If you'd like to contact me personally, you can send me a PM or post your interest on the forum!



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