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Hi, to go straight to the point, I am working on a story and I have just begun to introduce my two main characters (both girls). I describe their personality and there and their eyes, hairstyle, you know, the usual stuff.

I then felt like, if I really want my readers to be able to get an image of how these main characters look, how can I really do that.


So being a guy that is not in to fashion and pretty much dress however I choose to, I found it hard to describe a Women´s figures. I´ve done some research and come up with that many girls follow some kind of figure shape, like Hourglass shape or triangle shape, when they describe their body and choose clothes. But does all girls do this or is it a question about if your in to fashion or not. I think that, if I can use these shapes in my story it would be a great help but I don´t wan to end up with only, you know, just perfect examples of model girls. I want it to sound realistic but still it´s very good to have some kind of scheme to work after.


Thanks for taking your time to read this and a symbolic brohoof to you if you reply /) 


(Oh and I tried to find the right part of the forum to post this but I´m not sure I managed to, so if any admins move it, Thank you on forehand) 



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She's was thin as a reed, her blue shirt hanging off her thin frame . She had a barette in the shape of a butterfly . She was a small , curvy. Chunkier wonan , mid 20s. The black dress hug her figure well and showd off her bottom nicely. The woman took a drag off her cigarette and gave her sister a wicked smile. You're a thin little thing. You may blow away .


That's how I would try to describe title characters. Try tumblr, fashion magazines , the woman in your life , etc

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I would use basic body descriptors, like short, stocky, slender, muscular, hefty, etc. But that's just me. The way you describe someone would depend on who your ideal reader is, and what they would be interested to know about this person's appearance. If it's not people into fashion, I would avoid using fashion terms. In addition to twilight24's suggestion, I'd look up books, stories, fanfics etc. that are similar to what you're writing (the genre, who is gonna read it) and see how they describe women.

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I mainly would advise looking up girl's fashion, especially stereotypical "clique" fashion, like gothic, "girly", sporty, etc.  


:wau: But if I were to be a bit more helpful, here's a few descriptions. So when you mean figures, you want to focus on physical features below the face most likely. Obvious differences with women and men (adult male and females) is the breast mass, hip bones, and general size. Unlike popular perceptions of gender difference, not all women have noticeable gaps between their legs from their hips. If whether or not you want to stick with the ever popular hourglass shape of women for your characters, keep that in mind that people differ, and beauty differs. That is, assuming, you want your female characters attractive.


Let's see, what else. Women's shoulders tend to less wide. There's shoulder mass typically on males that make them wider. A woman's hips are typically about the same width as their shoulders. A man's hipbones arch in and are actually a bit taller vertically. Females are shorter vertically and arch out a bit more, about a half an inch.


An average cup size globally is C, I believe. A woman's breasts are typically tear shaped, and well, around the anatomical areas a man's own chest would be. (There is art that sometimes makes me doubt at times whether or not people actually know any correct anatomy whatsoever) Outfits that are push up, or have a window in them make the cleavage. Otherwise, cleavage is a lie, they're not natural.


Dresses really differ. Some dresses and frill and layers underneath, especially the older fashioned ones. Typically dresses have a form-fitting waist-line and an outward and hanging piece below said waistline. Some have shoulder pieces, just straps, and or none of what was previously said. Shoulder pieces are also typically old fashioned.


Describing clothing for females is really tough, the variety is really enormous. Girl's clothes tend to be about show really, a load of those pants, jeans, or shorts that you see have "pockets" are really not pockets at all. ^^' T-shirts vary, they come in all sorts of forms. Some are baggier that are designed for girls especially.

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Thanks for all the information, now I really got some stuff to work with here. I feel like I need to do some more subject research and I to be clear my story will not be around fashion (it's an dystopian after all) but I figured ut would give the story some contrast. As I said I still have a lot research to do but thanks, I may come back here later, but now I really need to sleep.

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