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What are the Mane Six's sexual orientations?


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In my opinion (after literally months of consideration),

TWILIGHT: Biromantic Asexual. She doesn’t seem to have a strong instrest in anyone really, which indicates Asexuality, but I can definitely see her in a romantic relationship (I can back this up with evidence but I’m pretty lazy). Conclusion, biromantic ace, (although leaning toward masculine attraction).

RAINBOW DASH: Gay. I don’t want to stereotype because of her mane or althletic nature, but Dash shows little interest in stallions/heterosexual relations, if not disgust (at least in the comics), and seems to show romantic attraction to some of the minor female characters. 

PINKIE PIE: Pansexual. This ones a little obvious, not because of Pinkies friendly nature or love of everyone, but because she’s non judgmental. She just doesn’t seem like she would care about gender, she cares about the pony, and the heart inside them.

APPLEJACK: Demisexual. I can’t really see Applejack picking up someone in a bar. She is a closed pony, and will only let in a select few. Granted, this does not necessarily mean she is demisexual, but Applejack doesn’t really seem to have any interest in anyone throughout the show. These facts put together conclude to demi. Also, like Twilight, she is most likely Bi but leaning toward masculine attraction. 

FLUTTERSHY: Heteroromantic Asexual (maybe bi-curious). This one was really tricky, and I don’t really have an explanation to be honest, it’s just the conclusion I came to based on her personality. If anyone has a better, educated option on Fluttershy, correct me. :3 

RARITY: Bi-curious. While Rarity is portrayed as a bit of a... how to phrase this delicately... floozy, if a sweet mare were to ask her out, I doubt she would decline. She is mostly straight but with fluctuations. 

Wow didn’t think that would be so long. That’s how I see it, feel free to contradict my opinions with fact :) 



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I feel like the sexualities are to be interpreted by the fans. For example, Rainbow Dash has been seen doing a couple of favors for Soarin (Saving his pie for one, and I think a few others) as well as just showing a few signs of affection for him, but I don't remember totally fluently. But on the other hoof, she once got a wingboner for Pinkie Pie. I think this is trying to allow fans to see what's going on and interpret it for themselves. "See, this is why she's gay!" "She's straight for the following reasons:" This show doesn't focus on romance, so it allows for freedom of character interpretation beyond what is shown regarding sexual preferences, and I hope it stays that way.

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On 8/7/2015 at 9:52 PM, Zachiscool5 said:

For me:


Rarity: Bi-sexual

Fluttershy: Asexual

Twilight: Asexual

Pinkie Pie: Pansexual

Applejack: Bi-Sexual

Rainbow Dash: Lesbian


The one for RD is funny lol. When you throw out all known information of RD out the window, which includes information from both, the show & the comics, all you would have left to base your judgement of her sexuality on is just appearances, which consists of magenta eyes, a cyan coat & a rainbow colored mane. First Impression based on appearance: walking Gay Pride flag.

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What i think:

Twilight I think she is bisexual. I don't say this because her colors looks like the from the bi pride flag, no. We have seen her having a crush on Flash sentry, and i think she have given a bit romantic to mares and other female characters. Well... maiby i say that because i ship Twilight with Rainbow dash XD The romantic orentation is for me aromantic for Twi ;3

Rainbow I say she's a lesbian. Don't get me wrong, i hated it for a long time when ppl have sayed she's homosexual. But now... her romantic orentation is bi- or aromantic. (Not sure yet)

Fluttershy LESBIAN. Clearly, for me. I think Fluttershy don't likes stallions, for some reason. She more prefers mares. I think she only likes stallions when they are kind, shy and love animals, like her. When you ask for the romantic orentation, i would say panromantic (Prefers mares though)

Pinkie Pan. Over and done.

Rarity I see Rarity as an straight ally. Though, she is biromantic, and maiby would date Applejack. But i mostly seen her as hetero. Why? Because she clearly felt attraction to Blueblood and other. I've seen her blushing some times to Applejack, so i'll say biromantic.

Applejack I think... sorry, but i really think she's at least heteroflexible for some reason. I know she wants to "build" an strong apple family, but i see her having much attraction towards females. For me, she looks like a pansexual aromantic hehe XD.

If you don't wanna read everything, here's the text without all the explanition XD

Twilight Bisexual aromantic

Rainbow Homosexual bi- or aromantic (Not sure yet)

Fluttershy Homosexual panromantic (Prefers mares)

Pinkie Pansexual panromantic

Rarity Heterosexual biromantic

Applejack Pansexual aromantic


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On 1/15/2017 at 9:18 AM, Fluttershykitty said:

Guys they're totally heterosexual, you think that the creators would put that kind of thing into a kids show?

Homosexuality is valid how heterosexuality, even in a kids show. It doesn't need to be 100% straight to be a kids show. I think they would react all normal if there was a gay couple in MLP:FIM.

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I wouldn't mind if they were all revealed to be straight, just a wee bit disappointed. For now, I'll have my little headcanons.

Twilight Sparkle- Bisexual. As well as being attracted to Flash Sentry, I believe she had a bit of a celebrity crush on Songbird Serenade. :adorkable:

Pinkie Pie- Pansexual. Pinkie loves everyone. :)

I'm actually not sure about Applejack and Rainbow Dash. I'm thinking asexual for Applejack, since she's a strong, independent mare and I haven't seen a hint of her interested in any romance, though she could also be straight and is just particular about who she gets together with. I'm leaning more towards lesbian for Rainbow Dash, not because of her appearance, but due to others' reasoning in this thread. :huh: :wub:

Rarity- Definitely straight. She's been interested in many stallions. :mlp_grin:

Fluttershy- I believe she's straight as well. I caught that blush when Discord hugged her. :sealed:

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Twilight Sparkle - Bi-Sexual (there is cannonical evidence of her liking mares and stallions [as well as her mane color being the same as the Bi-Sexual flag thing] )

Pinkie Pie - Pansexual (She loves everyone, silly!)

Applejack - Inconclusive (She could either be Bi-Sexual, Lesbian or Streight, there just needs to be more data from the cannonical sources for a conclusive answer)

Rainbow Dash - Lesban.... with exceptions (although she seems to have liked Soarin... she seems to have more chemistry with mares, so I believe she might like a few stallions, but generally prefer mares)

Rarity - She's curious, but overall is straight (Rarity is portraide sort of like a floozy, and such if an attractive mare asked her out, she wouldn't refuse)

Fluttershy - She's Pansexual (she likes everyone, silly!)

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Rarity: Asexual

Fluttershy: Asexual

Twilight: Asexual

Pinkie Pie: Asexual

Applejack: Asexual

Rainbow Dash: Asexual



They live for friendship, not for sex, duh! :orly:

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going from the finale and the last problem, i'll say what i think about them


twilight is bisexual (more straight)

fluttershy is straight

rarity is pansexual

pinkie is pansexual

applejack is bisexual (more lesbian)

rainbow dash is lesbian


Image result for mane 6


applejack x rainbow dash though

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It’s possible AJ and RD are lesbian but I like to think that RD is bi because she seemed to like a few stallions before whereas AppleJack has always rejected them (of course that could mean they’re all bad stallions, too). That’s just my interpretation.

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God, do we need to think about the sexualities of every character ever existed when we see it? Is that what you think of when looking at pastel colored ponies from a cartoon for little girls? "What might be their sexuality?" Well, me too!

They are all gay, it's ponyland!

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I don't really have any headcanons for this sort of thing, as the sexual preferences of characters don't bother me. However, I will note it has been established that Pinkie Pie and Rarity are attracted to the opposite gender at the very least. Personally, I'm glad they left certain things more ambiguous, considering both the demographic and so that fans are able to draw their own conclusions.

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I'm just gonna by my own headcanon here.

  • Rainbow Dash: Bisexual/Pansexual
  • Applejack: Bisexual
  • Pinkie Pie: Heterosexual
  • Fluttershy: Either hetero or bi/pan.
  • Twilight Sparkle: Definitely bisexual (I mean look at her color sheme! lol)
  • Rarity: Heterosexual
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  • The title was changed to What are the Mane Six's sexual orientations?

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