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S05:E14 - Canterlot Boutique


S05:E14 - Canterlot Boutique  

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Uh ohhhhhhhh... me smells a cat fight a-brewing between Rarity and Sassy.  :sunbutt:   May Celestia have mercy on Sassy's soul if she crosses Rarity's path!!!  :okiedokielokie:

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I'm waiting for the ads to end.

Oh! They ended! YAY!!!!! I really like this episode!

Flutters is the only one is the mane six that knows what Rarity talks about in fashion


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Not my favorite song, but I am sure it will be my favorite soon!

Rarity x that blue guy! Make it a ship!!!

What about all of the dress that are in the shop? hy can't see sell those?

Gosh darn ads again!!!! Why does this happen to us?!?!

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That song was beautiful. Rarity's songs tend to start out happy and then dip into a reprise of sadness.


Urge to smack Sassy rising...reaching critical mass...

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Love, love, love, love, LOVE the new Rarity song!  Interested to see where this episode is going, given that I'm still not entirely sure what the lesson is going to be.


Also, OH MY GOSH, that Cosmare writer!!!  :love:   I can't believe it, but they somehow made a character more over-the-top than Steven Magnet... HOW THE BUCK DO YOU DO THAT?!?!  :blink:   And I won't lie... IT WAS GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!  :ph34r:

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