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Music Concerts You've Been To Where The Opening Acts Upstaged The Headliners

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Concerts. We go to them. We love them. We enjoy ourselves. We usually go to see the band headlining or going on last, hoping for the best performance of the night. But every now and then, you get a show where the support acts out do the headliner. Any of you ever have those experiences?


I can think of a few. First that comes to mind was when Sabaton opened for Iced Earth. Iced Earth is a fine band. A very technical showing by them. But their set and the guys themselves lacked charisma, and their efforts to pump up the crowd got repetitive. The crowd was pretty stationary. In contrast, Sabaton were a title wave of energy. Frontman Joakim was talking with the crowd, making jokes, throwing in a few historical facts behind the songs, doing his job as a frontman.  It was one high energy jam session for the guys, that sadly, Iced Earth couldn't follow up.


Another was when my favorite band Story Of The Year, opened for Flyleaf. SOTY was popular in the early to mid 00s, bringing anthemic, hardcore fury to the room, even inciting a circle pit, whereas Flyleaf, popular radio rock at the time, was more mellow, feel good music. You probably could've seated the crowd during that part of the show.


During the show, I ended up upsetting a group of teenage girls in front of me by yelling that Flyleaf should've been opening for SOTY. Ah, good times.


Your turn.



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