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Music needed for MLP: Stallions of Equestria videos

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I am making a MLP: Stallions of Equestria makeup videos and I cant find any good music that fits each character for the videos. I have tried pony fm, but there is no seach bar so I cant find anything I'm looking for so I gave up on that.


I need to find something for the following


Big Macintosh




Double Diamond

Dr. Hooves

Cloud chaser

Flash Sentry

Fancy Pants

Prince Blueblood

Shining Armor



please leave a link in comments below, All song will be credited to the creator and will need a conformation e-mail from creator for using the song. Please and thank you.

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I can totally help you on this! Surprised no one has taken this offer. I can come up with compositions that match personalities for each stallion. 

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I think I can whip up something for this too, I've just finished up my album and stuff and I'd be in to help.

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